This year I have had the misfortune to have several people I know to request money on crowdfunding sites. There are great sites that help people raise money for charities, personal projects, medical bills, etc.  The requests I have had sent to me were because someone died presumably with no life insurance in place.

This is a hard article to write.  The family members and friends of those who passed will likely see this article.  It could easily be interpreted as trying to profit off someone else’s misfortune…after all I sell life insurance.  It is true I want to sell life insurance.  I want everyone to have it.  Term life insurance is inexpensive and you should have some.

Your kids should have it too.  A friend of mine bought insurance policies on his kids.  Here’s the story he told me.  He was filling his car up with gas one day and went in to pay (maybe he got coffee too…but for some reason that day he didn’t pay at the pump).  So on the counter there is a collection jar.  On the jar was the picture of a child that had died and the collection was to help the family with final medical and memorial bills.  He determined right then and there that his kids would never be a face on a jar in a gas station.

Yes, I sell life insurance.  Yes, I want to sell you more than you have.  And yes, I have a lot on me and I have policies for my children and my wife.  You need life insurance.  Not just some, you should have a lot.  A LOT.  A million dollar policy would run a 38 year old in good health less than $50 a month for a 10 year term, less than $62 a month for a 20 year term (your health, gender, and smoking status impacts your rates).

If you don’t get it from me get it from somebody.  Stop thinking about it.  Get the policy in place.  Online fundraising and a jar in a gas station is not a solution.