I am a Specialist

I am a specialist in Health, Life, and Medicare related insurance products.  I don’t do home and auto, I don’t insure your small business.  I’d even do group health insurance.  I focus on three products.  Health Insurance for those under the age of 65, Medicare Supplements, Part D Plans, and Advantage Plans for those in Medicare, and Life Insurance for everyone.

All that being said my emphasis is on Medicare. I love Medicare. It is cost-effective for most people. You can choose options that are flexible for your budget. You can choose plans with networks or choose traditional Medicare and there are no networks! I could go on and I do! Just take a look at my Medicare page and in my blog posts on Medicare.

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Changes due to Covid

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, I will no longer be offering face-to-face appointments. I do everything on the phone, through email, and even traditional mail. I am licensed in 12 states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Washington State, and Iowa).

My focus is on Tennessee. I have been a face-to-face agent for nearly 8 years. That means most of my business is in East Tennessee. While the Covid19 pandemic has caused me to change my business model I still focus on educating people about the policies they buy. Now, InsuranceThatFits.com (that’s me) works with clients across the state and in the states above. Call me with questions. 865.712.5711

History of InsuranceThatFits.com

I got my start in the world of insurance working for an old-school life insurance company. That is a hard way to start in this business. Do not get me wrong, I love selling life insurance. I’ve delivered the checks after someone passes and I’ve seen far too many “gofundme” campaigns when people pass with no coverage. It is sad, but it happens every day.  When people found out I sold life insurance they tended to react like, “Oh no, the life insurance guy! Run the other way!”

Well, that gets old. Somewhere along the way, I got appointed with my state’s BlueCross/BlueShield organization. It was amazing.  People wanted to meet with me and talk about health insurance. This was in 2013 and the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) was rolling out that fall. A lot of health insurance agents were seeing commissions dropping and just quit selling the product altogether.

Life Insurance 

As a new agent I felt like it was an opportunity so I ran towards it while others were running away. I liked being the answer guy. I was asked by non-profits to help train volunteers, I gave presentations about the ACA, and sat on panels for public presentations. On top of all that I just liked making a difference in peoples lives. At least half a dozen times that fall I had people either get teary-eyed or cry at appointments because they could finally get good coverage (because pre-existing conditions could not be held against them) that they could afford (with the help of the tax credits).

 The Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare)

I visited several businesses to talk to employees about “Obamacare” and let me tell you…that was an interesting experience. Several times you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. You have to remember there was a lot of rumor and theories about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) that some people were spreading around. A lot of folks were scared about what this whole thing was. I’d go in and do my presentation and answer questions.

When I finished speaking at one local business two ladies were almost in tears, they got up and left the room. I found out later that both of them had family members who had been through cancer, had lost jobs and health coverage, and at least one had been through bankruptcy because of the medical bills. Now, because of the ACA, they were going to be able to get coverage and a decent price.

I’ve never heard any of my friends who sell home and auto insurance tell stories about people crying because they could get an auto policy.  

 The beginning of InsuranceThatFits.com

Well, I left that old-school life insurance company in January of 2014 and started working as an independent insurance agent.  The name “Insurance That Fits” actually started as a tagline, not the actual name of the business.  It was a suggestion from my wife (so you can blame her).  The logo of the apple comes from the old saw, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  It seemed appropriate since I sell health-related policies.

Client Education is my Forte 

As some of my health insurance customers started turning 65 they needed help understanding this “new to them” thing called Medicare. There is Part A, Part B, Part D, Supplements, and Part C (Advantage Plans). People get bombarded with direct mail, emails, and phone calls about Medicare Plans all wanting them to sign up. What I think is missing is the education about what they are signing up for.

So that’s my thing. I help people understand what they are signing up for. There are lots of videos and articles here on InsuranceThatFits.com to help you learn.  If you don’t want to watch or read then just give me a call.

Take a look around the site and call me with questions.

Thank you
Andrew F Bennett